Social Good

How it works

When you plan a social event - whether it's a luncheon, backyard barbecue, book club meeting, coffee party, or a festive occasion - you can have fun and help other women and children in our community by collecting donations for the YWCA.

We can help get you started with ideas, invitations, contacts and follow-ups. Our Social Good Kit has everything you need to turn your function into a fundraiser.

"The YWCA is our charity of choice! They are excellent stewards and guardians of our community." Monica & Jeff Cove

Creating change for tomorrow

Giving to the YWCA is an investment in the future of our community. It provides more than hope, but actual programming that creates the change needed in the world.

$10:  feeds a mother and one child for one day

$25:  provides one hour of crisis line support

$50:  provides life skills training for one youth for one month

$100  provides one girl with transportation to programming for four months

$120  provides one day residence in Harbour House Women's Emergency Shelter


Get started!

To join Social Good, contact Kelly Mettler, YWCA Partnerships Manager, at 403-329-0088 or at   Your efforts will be gratefully appreciated AND you'll have fun at the same time!