Donations are a cornerstone of community giving.

We gratefully accept the donation of items that will enhance the well-being of women in need.
The donated items we receive are shared between our clients, our residents, and community members in need who access our services through YWCA Outreach programs.

Accepted Donations

We have limited space and resources to manage the large volume of used item donations that the community provides, so we have a very specific list of items that we’re able to accept:

Women’s clothing
Current season & style; clean and in good repair; appealing to women ages 17 to 45

Children’s clothing
Current season & style; clean and in good repair

Suitcases, purses, wallets & backpacks

Plates, bowls, mugs & glasses
(but no teacups or alcohol-specific items (wine glasses, beer mugs, shot glasses, etc)

Pots & pans
Baking Dishes
Cooking tools (like spatulas, wooden spoons, vegetable peelers and whisks)

Countertop kitchen appliances
(Basic things like toasters & toaster ovens, kettles and slow cookers)

Bedding & Linens
Sheet sets
Towels & washcloths

Shower curtains/bath mats
Personal & feminine hygiene products
Toys and baby items
(these must be in their original packaging; toys MUST be completely non-violent)

Our clients love beautiful things too! Please ensure all items are clean and in good condition.

Find out if we’re currently accepting donations

Due to the high volume of used item donations provided by the community and our very limited space, sometimes we have to limit the number of items we accept.

Watch the header on our homepage, our Facebook page and the sign at our front entry to find out if we’re accepting the donation of used items today!

Other options for your donations

At times, community members want to donate items we cannot use or we received an overabundance of used item donations and must stop accepting them until the items on hand are distributed to the women, children and youth who access our services.

 We pass along any used item donations in excess of what we’re able to use to our community partners, and we’re happy to share that list with you.
For your convenience, here’s our most recent list of agencies who accept donated items:


Bibles for Missions Thrift Store

Canadian Diabetes Association

MCC Thrift Store

More For Less

My City Care

Salvation Army

Streets Alive


Yvonne Bainbridge
Partnerhips Manager

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Imagine Canada’s Standards Program awards accreditation to Canadian charities and non-profits that demonstrate excellence in five areas of operations: board governance; financial accountability & transparency; fundraising; staff management; and volunteer involvement.